EQ(CS)^2 – 2014

Italian conference on excellence in quality, statistical control and customer satisfaction. Turin, Italy, September 18-19, 2014


Wednesday September 17, 2014:

18.00 – 20.00      Main Hall: Registration and buffet offered by i4C Analytics

Thursday September 18, 2014

8.00     Main Hall: Registration

9.00     Aula Magna: Authorithies’ welcome. Chief prof. B. V. Frosini, Presidente ASA 

  • Dean of Politecnico di Torino
  • Dean of Università degli studi di Torino
  • Director of Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica Cognetti De Martiis
  • President of SIS

9.30     Aula Magna: I plenary session “Sistemi informativi per il controllo e l’eccellenza.” Chief E. Cascini (AICQ – Centro Nord)

  • A. Zanella, E. Cascini (AICQ – Centro Nord): Sistemi informativi e controllo dei sistemi produttivi
  • P. Citti (Università Marconi, AISS): Sei Sigma: filosofia ed esempi

Discussant: G. Boari (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano)

10.30   Coffee break

11.00   Aula Magna: II plenary session L’eccellenza nei servizi. Chief and discussant: C. Baccarani (Toulon-Verona Conference)

  • C. Mele (Università di Napoli Federico II): Il senso della service dominant logic
  • E. Leonardi (Studio Leonardi): Il jazz e la qualità delle imprese di servizi
  • A. Dusi (Wish Days-Elation): La qualità nella prospettiva competitiva

12.00   Aula Magna: III plenary session Customer satisfaction and service quality. Chief: Alessandro Amadori (Coesis Research)

  • A. Huli (Palron, Israel) and L.Sivan (Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel): ‘National excellence’ indicator of a democratic state
  • A. Chiesa (Ferrari spa): La qualità in Ferrari

13.00   Lunch time

14.30   I contributed talk session

Aula F2: DOE – Design of experiments. Chair: P. Citti (AISS, Università Guglielmo Marconi)

  • Accelerating and simplifying cycles of learning with definitive screening designs (M. Martucci and M. Moore – SAS Institute)
  • Improving quality of Holt-Winters model (E. Cascini AICQ Centro Nord)
  • Modelling multimodal data distributions in industrial processes (G. Genta, G. Barbato and R. Levi – Politecnico di Torino)
  • A comparison of different classification techniques to determine the change causes in Hotelling’s T2 control chart (N. García, J. L. Alfaro, E. Alfaro and M. Gámez – University of Castilla, La Mancha)

Aula F3: Customer satisfaction – 1. Chair: G. Scepi (Università di Napoli Federico II)

  • Empirical testing of a tool to prevent risks in a high reliability organisation (L. E. Golzio and M. Lalla – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)
  • Customer satisfaction in a Turkish supermarket (P. Chirico and A. Lo Presti – Università di Torino and S. Tüzüntürk – Uludağ University, Bursa)
  • Banking customer satisfaction and touchpoint: a dynamic measure (C. Liberati and P. Mariani – Università di Milano Bicocca, P. Merlo and M. Sartoris – Intesa San Paolo)
  • Integrated models in healthcare (Y. Lavi and R. Corradetti – Università di Torino, and R.S. Kenett – KPA)

Aula F4: Scales for ranking or scoring. Chair: F. Ruggeri (CNR di Milano)

  • Measuring the effect of conjoint vulnerabilities on life satisfaction (A. Piscitelli – Università di Napoli Federico II, and A. Morrone – Istat)
  • Weighted log-ratio analysis on the rates to evaluate the passenger satisfaction of a public transport service (A. D’Ambra – Seconda Università di Napoli, A. Crisci and L. D’Ambra – Università di Napoli Federico II)
  • The ideal candidate for a job through a conjoint study (L. Fabbris, M. Scioni and B. Vaglini – Università di Padova)
  • The impact of the neutral point in the paired comparisons of statements model (R. Furlan and G. Turner – Kantar Health, Epsom)

16.15   Coffee break

16.45     II contributed talk session

Aula F2: Graphical analysis. Chair: B. V. Frosini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano)

  • Bayesian networks: what if sensitivity scenarios using R (F. Cugnata – Università di Torino, R. Kenett – KPA Ltd., Raanana and S. Salini – Università Statale di Milano)
  • Graphical models to study cultural consumer behaviour: the AMTP card-holders (C. Coscia, R. Fontana and P. Semeraro – Politecnico di Torino)
  • An application of graphical models to the Innobarometer survey: A map of firms’ innovative behaviour (M. Guerzoni, C. Carota and A. Durio – Università di Torino)
  • Network tools for the analysis of brand image (S. Balbi, G. Scepi and A. Stawinoga – Università di Napoli Federico II)

 Aula F3: Customer satisfaction – 2. Chair: A. Zanella (ASA)

  • Combining PLS path modeling and quantile regression for the evaluation of customer satisfaction (C. Davino – Università di Macerata, and V. Esposito Vinzi – ESSEC Business School, Paris)
  • Assessment of the concordance between municipal directors about their needs of skills and training (M. Marozzi – Università della Calabria, and M. Bolzan – Università di Padova)
  • Importance and diffusion of CSR: results of a survey carried out in two European countries (L. Bollani and A. Martra – Università di Torino, and A. Tamas – AIESEC)
  • A statistical approach to build up a balanced scorecard system (C. Iorio, M. M. Giugliano and M. Aria – Università di Napoli Federico II)

 Aula F4: Quality of web data. Chair: C. Crocetta (Università di Foggia)

  • Mining users’-generated contents aimed at product-specific innovative insights (P. Bajardi – Innovation 4 Business)
  • The IEMA fuzzy c-means to measure e-customer satisfaction (D. F. Iezzi and M. Mastrangelo – Università di Roma TorVergata)
  • Analysis of media effectiveness in conveying advertisement by means of EEG, eye tracker and recognition task (A. Ciceri, V. Russo, G. Songa and E. Zavarrone – IULM)
  • The quality of public services: methodological developments and statistical analysis (M. Giacalone and A. De Lorenzo – Università di Bologna)


20.15   Social dinner: Ristorante Arcadia  (Galleria Subalpina, Piazza Castello, Torino)

Friday September 19, 2014

8.30     Aula Magna: IV plenar session Data quality and data quantity. Chief: Kenett (KPA, Università di Torino)

  • S. Coleman and J. Berry (University of Newcastle), G. Johnson and P. Gore (ADL Smartcare Ltd): Big data and the search for better living
  • L. Dalla Valle (Plymouth University): Calibrating survey data with official statistics            Interviene: Silvia Biffignardi (Università di Bergamo)

9.30     Aula Magna: V plenary session Measurement of Quality. Chief: F. Ruggeri (CNR-IMATI) 

  • I. Ograjensek (University of Ljubljana), and K. Lipson (Swinburne Online) Student as a customer: Applying statistical thinking to continuously improving quality in higher education
  • A, Pievatolo and F. Ruggeri (CNR-IMATI): Forecasting of failures of home appliances: Complications of a seemingly simple task

10.30   Coffee break

11.00   III contributed talk session

Aula F2: Risk analysis and process reliability. Chair: R. Berni (Università di Firenze)

  • Risk assessment and human reliability analysis for dental implantology: proposal procedure (G. Veloce, E. Ladani, M. Catelani and L. Ciani – Università di Firenze)
  • Implementation of ISO27001 procedures for the improvement of the standard of information security for business accommodation (V. Santarcangelo and G. Oddo – Informatica srl)
  • ISO 9001 certification and failure risk: any relationship? (F. Franceschini, M. Galetto and L. Mastrogiacomo – Politecnico di Torino)

Aula F3: Systemic views on customer satisfaction. Chair: P. di Nauta (Università di Foggia)

  • Customer satisfaction and student loyalty: does commitment matter? (A. Botti and M. Vesci – Università di Salerno)
  • A systems view of customer satisfaction (S. Barile – Università di Roma La Sapienza, M. Saviano and F. Caputo – Università di Salerno)
  • Organizational culture and managerial effectiveness in public administration: A measurement model (A. Botti and M. Vesci – Università di Salerno)

Aula F4: Choices and perspectives. Chair: G. Nicolini (Università di Milano)

  • The subjective expectations for business enterprises and economic system in the presence of unexpected events (P. Mariani and B. Zavanella – Università di Milano Bicocca)
  • Model-robust designs for efficiently capturing consumers’ choice behavior (D. Akinc and M. Vandebroek – ORSTAT, Belgium)
  • Unveiling Kano relationships when measuring customer satisfaction (G. Boari, G. Cantaluppi and F. Matera – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and M. Sartoris – Intesa San Paolo)

12.15   IV contributed talk session

 Aula F2: Health services effectiveness. Chair: A. Amadori (Coesis srl)

  • Intersection-union tests for equivalence and non-inferiority (R. Arboretti and E. Carrozzo – Università di Padova)
  • Evaluating hospital performance in an aging society: caring for the elderly (F. Crippa and M. Zenga – Università di Milano Bicocca)
  • Customer satisfaction in ski schools: Multivariate ranking and CUB models (R. Arboretti, P. Bordignon, E. Carrozzo and L. Salmaso – Università di Padova)

Aula F3: Social indicators. Chair: L. Bollani (Università di Torino)

  • Women between career and family: a large statistical survey on public and private services (C. Iorio, M. M. Giugliano and M. Aria – Università di Napoli Federico II)
  • Analysis of knowledge, experience and training of public managers using composite indicators (M. Bolzan – Università di Padova, and M. Marozzi – Università della Calabria)
  • The services favouring female work elicited through a best-worst measurement method (R. Benetti, L. Fabbris and M. Scioni – Università di Padova)

Aula F4: Educational Effectiveness. Chair: R. Kenett (KPA, Università di Torino)

  • Performance measurement for universities: An analysis of students’ perceived satisfaction data (A. M. Braccini, T. Laureti and L. Secondi – Università della Tuscia)
  • VALUE: VALutation University Elearning (Emma Zavarrone, IULM)
  • The determinants of students’ mobility: an empirical analysis using Italian data (F. Giambona, M. Porcu and I. Sulis – Università di Cagliari)

13.30   Lunch time

14.45   V sessione di comunicazioni spontanee

 Aula F2: Industrial process quality. Chair: A. Vanacore (Università di Napoli Federico II)

  • Preventing useless calibrations (E. Cascini – AICQ Centro Nord)
  • High frequency time series forecasting: An application to energy consumptions of Polytechnic University of Turin (M. T. Canestro – Università di Torino)
  • The quality of products and services provided by large scale retail trading. An analysis through multivariate statistical models (A. M. Oliveri and A. M. Milito – Università di Palermo) Chair: Claudio Baccarani (Università di Verona)

Aula F3: Culture and communication of quality. Chair: Claudio Baccarani (Università di Verona)

  • The application of concept science in the professional development of teachers of mathematics and statistics (F. Arzarello, O. Robutti – Università di Torino, R. S. Kenett – KPA, and U. Shafrir – University of Toronto)
  • Statistical data quality (M. Ahmed – Center Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, Cairo)
  • Word of mouth in customer experience (A. Mandarano and M. Spaziani – Telecom Italia)

16.00   Coffee break

16.30   Aula Magna: Workshop Quantità vs. qualità delle informazioni: big data e altri campioni auto selezionati. Moderator: Luigi Biggeri

Luigi Mijno, Ferrero International, Lussemburgo

Giovanna D’Angiolini, Istat

Clelia Di Serio, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milano

Alberto Zuliani, MIPA, Roma


18.00   Closing of Conference

Further initiatives

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

  • Free tutorial  on Statistics for SPC Statistical Process Control and DOE – Design of Experiments  (by prof. Marcello Fidaleo e Ron Kenett ). The workshop is addressed to quality managers  and, in general, anyone who wants to learn how to apply the best methodologies on Quality Control.

Reference: a book published by Wiley, edited by Ron Kenett and others, translated to the relevant part of the tutorial in Italian.

9.00     Tutorial
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Tutorial and activities of participants
12.30   Conclusion of the works.


  • Free tutorial on Using the R statistical analysis for quality control, organized by TorinoRnet (http://torinor.net/) for the periodic meeting coordinated by Dr. Alessandra Durio. The tutorial is free and is held by dr. Daniel Amberti (Principal Consultant of i4c Analytics), co-author of the textbook “Modern Industrial statistics with applications in R, Minitab and JMP”
    After the tutorial will take place the meeting of the group with three presentations on the use of R by companies.

14.00  Tutorial
15.30   Coffee break
16.00   Eighth  TorinoRnet meeting
18.30   Conclusion of works