EQ(CS)^2 – 2014

Italian conference on excellence in quality, statistical control and customer satisfaction. Turin, Italy, September 18-19, 2014


The conference aims to promote the development of methods and applications in order to increase the value of statistics for business and civil society on the issue of excellence and statistical control of processes and products, and on the issue of quality tools, especially for customer satisfaction.

The goals should be achieved:

  • involving the academia and the innovative applications world  in order to identify areas of study that may be of common interest;
  • creating an opportunity to take stock of the appropriate scientific methods for quality of processes and products development;
  • involving young researchers, from academia and business  on topics related to quality in general;
  • highlighting a set of scientific Italian journals concerned with publishing  scientific works innovating the quality studies.

Main Topics:

– Quality Indicators in Firms

– Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Public Services

– Customer Satisfaction Measurement

– Customer Experience Measurement

– Customer Satisfaction Analysis

– Certification, Consistency indicators and Statistical Control

– Information Systems for Quality Detection in Firms

– Six Sigma Methods

– Experiment Designs to Optimize Production Processes

– Choice experiments and preference elicitation

– Text Mining

– Text Data Quality

– Big Data and Data Management

– Big Data versus Sample Surveys

– Statistical Data Quality

– Data Quality of Industrial Processes

– Predictive Control of Industrial Processes

– Measurement and Prevention of Risks in Worksites

– Measurement and Control of Environmental Risks

– Risk Evaluation in Quality Systems

– Measurement and Prevention of Corruption in Public Institutions

– Project management e statistics

– Quality in Logistics

– Systemic Approaches to Firm Studies

– Study Program Accreditation

– Teaching Quality and Research Measurement in Universities

– Learning Measurement

– Ranking or Scoring Enterprises and Institutions