EQ(CS)^2 – 2014

Italian conference on excellence in quality, statistical control and customer satisfaction. Turin, Italy, September 18-19, 2014

Instructions for Authors

Three types of communications are planned:

  • invited;
  • contributed;
  • posters

The comunication abstract has to be  less than 3000 characters (including title, authors and whitespace) and has to be written in English.  It must be edited according with the conference paper format (link), then converted in a pdf-file.
The pdf-file will be sent by June 14, 2014 at the following address: eqcs2014@gmail.com
The name of pdf-file must be: last name_first name.pdf   (John Albert Smith→smith_john.pdf)

Presentation language will be Italian or English. Slides must be in English in Power-Point or PDF format.
Posters must be in English with a maximum A1 or equivalent size.

Papers publication. Invited communications and a selection of the best contributed papers, in a more expanded form, will be published, after peer review, in special issues of scientific journals. According to their topics, papers could be published on:

  • Journal of Applied Statistics ( JAS );
  • Sinergie;
  • QTQM – Quality Technology and Quantitative Management;
  • Statistics and Society;
  • Micro & Macro Marketing;
  • ASMBI – Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry.

Competition intended to junior authors. Two awards of 700 euro or 350 Euros, offered by  Franca and Diego Castro Founding, will be assigned to the best articles  accepted for publication on Journal of Applied Statistics presented by candidates who are less than 40 years old at the date of conclusion of the conference. Candidates have to submit their papers for evaluation by 19 October 2014 at the following address : http://sa-ijas.stat.unipd.it/it.